"I feel so much better after talking with you"

“Because nobody knows when they’re going to die, estate planning needs to be a part of every family’s discussion. My wife and I decided it was the right time to set up our estate for our child and our own peace of mind. We contacted Cheryl and talked over all our plans. She conducted the research and prepared all the documents. It was a really smooth process and we left with all our questions answered and concerns addressed. In fact, we were so pleased, we consulted Cheryl again when we were setting up a business LLC and again when we needed advice about a matter related to the distribution of a family trust. We’d recommend her to anyone wanting rock solid estate planning and other legal advice.”

— J. Lance Thomas

“Cheryl represented me during one of the most stressful and emotional times of my life. I trusted Cheryl with the most valuable assets I have. She was able to correctly distinguish between my emotional responses and what needed to be communicated to produce the best results. I was amazed by her ability to maintain her composure while under fire by opposing counsel. Cheryl’s level-headedness and experience produced the results I needed.”

— Julia Skinner

“If you want a lawyer with a huge heart, who is meticulous with preparation, and will be honest with her billing practices, you want Cheryl.”

— Gina Jordan, LPC and Court Consultant

“I refer clients to Cheryl because she is obnoxiously thorough, in a good way.  I am certain that any document drafted by her will be well researched, and that every word is carefully placed, with the consequences of each phrase completely thought out.”

— Rachel Stoddard Morris, Attorney

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