Practice Areas

We provide one-on-one legal counsel for every client. Please contact our office today at (405) 285-1548 to schedule an appointment.

Estate Planning:

Our attorneys meet personally with every client and spend time getting to know them as individuals so we can design a comprehensive Estate Plan tailored to them.  The plan takes into consideration each client’s personal and financial situation, individual needs, concerns, hopes and goals.  Although the plan includes comprehensive legal documents, such as wills, advanced medical directives, trusts, and powers of attorneys, they are written in plain English without legalese.


With proper planning, clients can avoid probate entirely. However, in many cases clients are faced with the death of a loved one who died without a Will or, even with a Will, have assets that require probate. We help clients navigate the probate process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Estate Administration:

If a client is grieving the incapacity or loss of a loved one, they might feel overwhelmed or emotionally drained by the prospect of administering the estate.  We help clients administer the affairs of their loved ones when they have been elected to serve in a fiduciary capacity, such as an executor, administrator, trustee, guardian, or agent.

Business Planning:

We assist clients with limited liability company formations and other legal services for business start-ups, conversion of non-LLC entities to LLCs, restructuring businesses to meet the specific business needs of our clients, and coordination of business planning with each client’s estate planning.

General Business Counsel:

We assist clients will all types of issues that arise in the operation of a business and we take a total lifecycle approach.  This includes selection and formation of business entities, purchase or merger of businesses, employment matters, contracts, intellectual property, and succession planning.

Intellectual Property:

Cheryl Husmann has a unique background in intellectual property law and is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We assist our clients in obtaining protection in the four areas of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.


Guardianships may be necessary in a variety of situations, such as the incapacity of a loved one, caring for an adult child with developmental disabilities, caring for a child when biological parents are unavailable, and caring for grandchildren, nieces or nephews. We help clients plan for and manage the care of their family through guardianship proceedings.


We assist clients with DHS adoptions, private adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and U.S. interstate adoptions.

Please contact our office at (405) 285-1548 to schedule an appointment today.

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